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Transition Zone Season Subscription - XL

Transition Zone Season Subscription - XL

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 What’s in the box? 

Intro Pack (Ships This Week)

  • 1 Soil Test Kit - This step is super easy, just take a few scoops of dirt from around your yard and send it back to us using a pre-paid shipping label

    Spring Kickstart Pack (Ships This Week) 

    • 5 Green Machine or Total Lawn - Natural fertilizer with Bio-pack

    Summer Heat Defense (Ships in June) 

    • 5 Green Machine - Natural fertilizer with Bio-pack
    • 5 Lawn Star - Slow release organic lawn food for mid-summer  

    Fall Fortify (Ships in Fall) 

    • 5 Sea Green - a shot potassium in the form of North Atlantic Sea Kelp to promote deep rooting to help your turf put on root mass in dormancy conditions
    • 5 Total Lawn: Nitrogen rich fertilizer to thicken up cool season lawns

    Need Help? We’ll be there with you every step of the way with text alerts, which are customized for your lawn, and notify you when its time to spray, real-time weather adjustments, even when to adjust your mower deck height during the season.

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