Lawnbright FAQs

Plans & Billing

How does billing work?

Lawnbright is a flexible subscription plan. We ship you a custom mix of natural lawn care products every eight weeks during your growing season, and automatically pause your subscription when your season ends (depending on your climate zone).If you select annual billing, your subscription will renew each year, and your payment method will be charged once per year. If you select pay-as-you-go billing, your payment method will be charged before each shipment.

What’s included in the plan?

Each plan is custom, but you can expect a mix of fertilizers and soil conditioners, depending on your plan and the time of the season. An organic pre-emergent is available as a separate purchase.

Think of us as your lawn’s nutritionist. We look at your soil test results and determine just what your lawn needs, and combine that with real-time weather and climate data to adjust what you get so that you’re getting the best results with the least effort, and not wasting product.

Also included in the plan are hose-top sprayers (all Lawbright products hook up to a hose to apply), custom instructions, and a soil test kit.

Finally, we wouldn’t just leave you to it. You can sign up for our free Turf Alerts - text messages. We’re collecting real-time weather data and give you simple instructions for better lawn habits, like how much to water in a given week, to maximize your results. You can also add on a lawn consulting session, to go in depth with a member from our Turf Team.

Is the soil test necessary?

The soil test is a free service from Lawnbright, and it helps us customize your plan. While we can send you a great mix of products that will better your lawn, naturally, no matter what, the test allows us to make them as effective as possible. Soil health is really important to long-term lawn health, and your soil may be very different from your neighbors, depending on what’s been used on your lawn before. We make sure we’re giving you the right mix of soil conditioners through your soil test. It only takes a minute to scoop it, seal it and send it back in a pre-paid mailer.

What equipment do I need?

Lawnbright is designed to be super easy and convenient. Our products are all liquid, sprayed on by your hose. The only equipment you’ll need is a hose long enough to reach the sections of your lawn that you want to treat.

How do I know what size my lawn is?

Our "Small" lawn is up to 3,000 square feet (about the size of a tennis court). A "Medium" lawn is up to 5,500 square feet (about the size of a basketball court). And a "Large" lawn is up to 10,000 square feet. If your lawn is over 10,000 square feet, please contact us for a custom quote.

If you're not sure, try Lawnbright's handy Lawn Size Calculator. 

How It Works

What kinds of chemicals are in the products?

Our ingredient promise there are no harsh chemicals – mostly natural ingredients like North Atlantic Sea Kelp, cornmeal, and Blackstrap molasses, all of which do great things for your lawn. We are parents and pet owners, and we wanted to create a lawn care solution that we could feel comfortable applying and allowing our kids to play on, too. If you want more information on our ingredients, you can review all Lawnbright products here.

What do you mean by “treating the whole turf”?

A lot of lawn care products are loaded with synthetic nitrogen – essentially, steroids that will get your grass greened up in no time. It’s a great aesthetic, but it’s not necessarily the right thing for your lawn long-term. By looking at the entire ecosystem - the turf, soil, and the roots - we create a lawn that will improve over time. 

You’re also nixing the use of harmful chemicals into the earth, and over time, the turf will be more disease resistant and require less water, so this is a more eco-friendly approach.

Do your products contain synthetic materials?

Our soil conditioners and pre-emergents do not contain any synthetic ingredients at all. And most of our Fertilizers do not. In one fertilizer (Green Machine), a petroleum product and/or natural gas was used to manufacture the fertilizer, though the main ingredient comes from naturally occurring sources. When fertilizers are produced this way they lose some of the other naturally occurring trace minerals and other bio-life that it may contain. This is referred to as synthetic fertilizer. In order to correct for the trace minerals and other bio life that is lost in the production process, we add an organic bio package to help the soil and plant life, so there is a positive end result on the soil.

How are your plans minimizing Nitrogen use - and why is that better?

Because of the effects of the biological products we use, we are able to put on 1/10th lb nitrogen per application.  So if used 5 times a season, which is at the high end, you put on .5 lbs of nitrogen total in the season. Less nitrogen means less possibility of runoff or water table issues, and less synthetics used overall. By comparison, regular synthetic fertilizers go on at 1lb of nitrogen per application, which could add up to 8-10lb of nitrogen over the course of the season.

How much time do I need to commit to lawn care?

Every six to eight weeks, you’ll get a shipment with two or three applications of lawn care products. Depending on the size of your lawn, you can expect to spend 10 to 20 minutes spraying the product on your lawn. So, less than an hour a month. That’s it. We’ve specifically designed this to be super easy.

What about weed control (pre-emergents)?

Many lawn care companies shy away from pre-emergents. At Lawnbright we believe the best defense is a good offense. Our product line includes a 100% organic pre-emergent weed control, killing weeds before they have a chance to appear.

If you already have weeds growing, we hate to break it to you but your best strategy is to just pull them up. Any kind of post emergent weed killer, natural or not, may also kill the grass around it and change the ecology of your lawn - not a great look.

Will a Lawnbright plan grow new grass?

The nutrients won’t grow new grass on its own. However, some of our packages now include grass seed, and we’ll send you seed at the right time each season, along with guidance on when and how to seed based on where you live as part of the plan, and Lawnbright’s products will help those new grass seeds grow.

Why did I receive more of some products than others in my shipment?

Some products require heavier application rates than others. For example, Weed Wipeout needs to go on approximately 2 times heavier than other products. This is also why you will receive a separate sprayer, and often will receive more bottles of Weed Wipeout than other products. This is not a one-size fits all rule, however, and the actual amount of products received will be determined by your lawn size, exposure, and climate.

Why were some products delivered but not others?

Our shipments are often split into multiple boxes. While they're shipped out on the same day, often delays in transit will impact some boxes and not others. Most impacted boxes will arrive 1-2 days after the initial box. 

Where is Lawnbright located?

We are a small business located in Massachusetts, but we ship nationwide. All of our products are made right here in USA.