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Fall Fortify Pack

Fall Fortify Pack

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Autumn is a key moment in your lawn’s lifecycle, and Fall Fortify is the ammo kit your lawn needs to stay green and resilient. Apply it to help give your lawn a final dose of nutrients that will carry it through the winter and help ensure a healthy turf in spring. This dynamic duo packs a punch of essential nutrients and soil-strengthening magic.

Here’s how we turn your lawn from wimpy to warrior:

  • Green Machine: This liquid fertilizer is like a vitamin shot for your grass, pumping it up with all the macronutrients it needs to flourish through fall and build winter fortitude. Think of it as the ultimate pre-hibernation protein shake, getting your turf ripped and ready for whatever Old Man Winter throws its way.
  • Lime Boost: This liquid calcium is the secret weapon in your lawn's arsenal. It raises the soil pH like a knight in shining armor, making vital nutrients more accessible and building strong cell walls to withstand the season's icy attacks. Think of it as lawn-grade Kevlar, shielding your blades from frost's harsh grip.


    How To Use

    • Deploy Green Machine: Apply early morning or late afternoon to avoid heat stress, hold off on watering for 4-6 hours (think of it as giving your lawn some time to digest its power-up).
    • Reinforce with Lime Boost: Send in the cavalry 1-2 weeks later to bolster defenses and raise the soil's pH.
    • Repeat for Maximum Fortification: For lawns needing extra muscle, deploy a Fall Fortify pack every month during the fall.

    Lawn Nerd Info

    • Covers 3,000 sq ft per bottle.
    • Check out our blog post to learn more about liming acidic soils.
    • Each pack contains 1 Green Machine, 1 Lime Boost, and 1 hose end sprayer
    • Made in USA
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