fall fortify pack - green machine and lime boost

Fall Fortify Pack

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Why your lawn needs this: 

  • The best liquid lawn fertilizer for all grass types - delivers the most essential nutrients for fall.
  • Nutrients are immediately available and you can expect a very quick color response.

  • Whats in the Box?

    Green Machine: Balanced liquid lawn fertilizer delivers all the macronutrients your lawn needs for months, along with added seaweed and humic & fulvic acids to activate soil microbiome. Green Machine is supplemented with a nutrient package derived from Seaweed, Humic Acids, and Molasses. This is packed with additional vitamins, bio-stimulants, and trace elements including Vitamins B-1, B-12, Gibberellins, Auxins, Boron, Iron, Zinc, Cobalt, Copper, Manganese, Molybdenum and Sulfur. This nutrient package is one reason why this is the BEST liquid fertilizers out there.

    Lime Boost: Even in soil that is rich in calcium, it's often unavailable to the plant for uptake. Traditional pelletized lime takes months to fully breakdown, but Lawnbright's chelated liquid calcium goes to work right away, raising the pH and supplying your lawn with the necessary calcium it needs to harden cell walls and prepare the plant for winter. Check out our blog post to learn more about liming acidic soils.

    Hose end sprayer included


    Application Instructions

    Early morning or late afternoon (avoiding daytime heat) applications work best. 

  • DO NOT WATER right after the application. Wait 6-8 hours or until the next day.

  • Apply Green Machine the week you receive your pack. and Lime Boost 1-2 weeks later.

  • Coverage: Each 32 oz bottle covers up to 3000 sq ft.

  • On poor quality lawns, or lawns that seem Nitrogen-starved due to poor color you can apply one pack every 2-3 weeks until better health is achieved.