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Lawnbright Products

Lawnbright Products

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All the Lawnbright products you know and love, available for purchase individually. 

Build your own packs - available only to subscribers of our custom lawn plans and/or the Turf Mechanic YouTube channel. 

Green Machine - A balanced 16-4-8 bio-enhanced fertilizer includes menhaden fish to produce a deep green color response.

Black Gold - 12% Humic/Fulvic soil conditioner designed increase nutrient uptake and stimulate microbial activity.

Lime Boost - Sugar-chelated liquid lime allows calcium to be plant available in all soil types.

RootRX - Sea Kelp, Molasses, and Humic promotes a robust root system to help your lawn survive harsh conditions.

Weed Wipeout - Use the green & purple sprayer. Organic Pre-Emergent Herbicide. One bottle covers 1,500 sq ft. Apply when there is no measurable rain the forecast for the next 1-2 days.

Sea Green - Cold Water North Atlantic Sea Kelp promotes deep root growth.

Phosphorus Free Total Lawn - 20-0-10 analysis fertilizer with essential macronutrients, humic, and sea kelp.

Iron Boost - 15-0-0 analysis. Sugar-chelated to speed absorption and produce a deep green color response without pushing excessive top growth.

Micro Boost - Provides essential micronutrients for overall plant health.


How to Use: 

Spray on using a hose end sprayer (included). You can leave it on the lawn to get some foliar leaf absorption until you have time to water it in or you get a heavy rain. See additional product info below for specific These are soil improvement products, which require getting watered down into the root zone; generally that means a 1/2 inch of water through irrigation or rain. 

Detailed Product Info: 

One 32 oz bottle covers 3,200 sq ft unless stated otherwise.

All products are safe for pets and children, so they can go on the lawn right away after spraying. 

Storage and shelf life: 2 years when stored properly - child safe cap on, sealed and stored out of sunlight between 40°F and 85°F.

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