Why Humus Is So Important for Lawn Health

Hands holding a large amount of dark, rich soil with visible roots.

Humus (no, not the stuff you dip your carrots into) is the most important part of your lawn you’ve never heard of. 

Most fertilizers sold at big box stores are actually doing more damage to your lawn and the environment over the long term. These traditional fertilizers contain only synthetic materials that provide a quick green up effect on your lawn, but little else. And they get great results... for a couple of years. 

But then things start to go wrong. If you’re only using synthetic fertilizers on your lawn, over time you’ll start to notice they’re no longer effective, and your lawn is now highly susceptible to disease and drought. Without any organic matter, your soil health erodes and your lawn is increasingly dependent on more water and more chemicals. It’s great for fertilizer companies because you need to keep buying their products, but not great for your wallet, your lawn, or the environment. 

Enter humus. Humus is decomposed organic material that makes up most of the top 3-4 inches of soil. It’s the storage system for water, carbon and minerals - all vitally important to soil health. Humus actually pulls carbon from the air and delivers it to your soil, maintaining healthy microbial life, improving water management, and developing a healthy root system. 

Globally, humus is being stripped out of the soil at a rapid pace. A great deal of the carbon that used to be stored in the soil as humus is now in the air as CO2 thanks to modern industrial and agricultural practices over the last century. So the negative effects on the planet are compounded.

Think about what could happen if everyone was actively pulling carbon out of the air with their own lawn. Grass is 20% more effective at emitting oxygen than trees, so this would go a long way to reversing the harmful effects of the last century. 

Humus is literally the lifeblood of this planet. If we can make sure our lawns are sustainably maintained, we can do our part on a global scale. 

All Lawnbright plans include humus, and put soil health front and center. This soil first mentality not only contributes to a healthier lawn over time, but also helps the environment recover from the damage being done by traditional agricultural practices. 

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