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Help your lawn survive historic heat and drought conditions with with Lawnbright's Drought Pack. This is a one-time shipment (no subscription needed) designed specifically for lawns suffering intense summer heat and drought conditions.

Whats in the Box?

- Sea Green: North Atlantic Sea Kelp to drive deep root growth. Long considered Nature’s own health food for plants, it contains all natural growth hormones and regulators, vitamins and minerals. Chelated for instant take-up by the plant, it is a great stress-reliever and will help reduce heat damage, parasitic insects and disease. In addition, the process by which we make it soluble imparts a large amount of Potassium. This results in spectacular root development. 

- Black Gold: Harness the power of liquid humate soil activator with humic and fulvic acid to energize your soil! Our liquid carbon plant food will add concentrated organic matter to the soil, helping you grow heartier grass with increased resistance to disease, insects, and weather stress.

- 1 Hose end sprayer

- Detailed instructions on when and how to apply