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Heat Defense Pack

Heat Defense Pack

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When the temps climb up, lawns suffer – but you can lay down a layer of protection to ensure that your turf stays healthy and is poised for a comeback. Lawnbright's Heat Defense Pack is your summer shield, transforming your thirsty turf into a drought-defying champion. This one-time shot packs a powerful punch to keep your yard green even when the mercury skyrockets.

Here's your lawn's secret weapon arsenal:

  • Sea Green: Think of it as kelp-tastic root juice! This North Atlantic seaweed extract is nature's own multivitamin for your soil, pumping up deep root growth and giving your grass the strength to reach precious water, even in the deepest depths. It's like a stress-busting spa day for your lawn, reducing heat damage, pesky bugs, and even disease. Plus, the potassium boost sends root development into overdrive!
  • Black Gold: Unleash the power of liquid humate! This carbon-rich plant food energizes your soil like a double espresso shot, adding organic matter and helping you grow heartier grass that laughs in the face of drought, insects, and even the hottest days.

    How To Use

    • Deploy Sea Green: Apply early morning or late afternoon to avoid heat stress.
    • Reinforce with Black Gold: Send in the cavalry 1-2 weeks later for extra soil energy.
    • Sit back, relax, and watch your lawn thrive!

    Lawn Nerd Info

    • Water in thoroughly within 6-12 hours using 1/4 inch of water from irrigation or rainfall
    • Covers 3,000 sq ft per bottle
    • Pack includes 4 total bottles (2 of each product) and a spray applicator
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