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Pet Spot Repair

Pet Spot Repair

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Pet owners often struggle with brown spots on their lawns due to dog urine. This powerful yet gentle formula tackles damage head-on, neutralizing harmful salts, boosting healthy growth, and building a shield against future mishaps. It's not just a fix, it's a green comeback in a bottle!

Dog urine packs a punch, but Pet Spot Repair:

  • Neutralizes the salts: Our natural enzymes break down the damage, preventing further harm to your soil.
  • Boosts healthy growth: Organic nutrients revitalize the soil, encouraging new grass to thrive where brown spots used to be.
  • Prevents future mishaps: Regular use builds a protective shield, keeping your lawn looking lush and green.

      How To Use

      • Identify the crime scene: Locate those embarrassing brown patches.
      • Spray liberally: Hook Pet Spot Repair to your hose and spray for about 10 seconds on each spot, saturating the affected area.
      • Wait a few days. Green is back.

      Lawn Nerd Info

      • Ingredients: North Atlantic Sea Kelp, humic acid, surfactant, distilled water.
      • Coverage: N/A
      • Safe for: Pets, kids, and the environment.
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