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Boost Pack

Boost Pack

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Need a quick fix? The Boost Pack is your one-way ticket to a lush, vibrant lawn that will have the neighbors green with envy. This dynamic duo of super nutrients delivers a powerful punch of nourishment, kickstarting growth and delivering an enviable green-up that lasts for months. Boost Pack provides a punch by pairing two products for maximum impact:

Green Machine: This balanced liquid fertilizer lays the foundation for lawn health, providing essential macronutrients and a specialized nutrient package derived from fish, and packed with additional vitamins, bio-stimulants, and trace elements including Vitamins B-1, B-12, Gibberellins, Auxins, Boron, Iron, Zinc, Cobalt, Copper, Manganese, Molybdenum and Sulfur. It's like a wellness retreat for your turf, boosting its overall vitality and resilience.

Micro Boost: This liquid iron and micronutrient blend acts as a chlorophyll supercharger, rapidly intensifying the green color of your lawn without stimulating excess growth. It's like giving your grass a green smoothie for an instant glow-up.

How To Use

Apply Green Machine the week you receive your pack. Follow up with Micro Boost 1-2 weeks after Green Machine. For lawns needing extra TLC, apply one pack every month weeks until desired health is achieved. Early morning or late afternoon applications are best to avoid heat stress.

Lawn Nerd Info

  • Coverage: one bottle covers 3200 sq ft.
  • delay watering for 3-5 hours after application. Then water in thoroughly with at least 1/2 inch using either irrigation or rainfall. 
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