Your Guide to the Best Lawn Care Companies

guide to the best lawn care companies

Looking for lawn care companies can be overwhelming, and with good reason. They’re often expensive, and as we spend more time outdoors, we want our lawns to look great and become an extension of our outdoor living spaces.

If you’re looking for a lawn care company, we’ve put together your guide to determining the best lawn care companies near you. Keep these simple practices in mind.


Affordable lawn care companies can be difficult to find. When searching for the best lawn care company in your area, gather a variety of prices and ensure that you are asking what services are included in that price. 

Score one for DIY’ing: applying your own lawn care is almost always far less expensive than hiring a service, and with the right products and the right guidance, you can actually do it better than the big lawn care services. It’s worth breaking down the various services that lawn care companies near you offer and deciding what you’d like to DIY and what you want to outsource. For example, the idea of mowing every Saturday may be a no-go for you, but you may not mind heading out twice a month to apply fertilizers and soil conditioners.


Find out how often your lawn care service will be coming and what they’ll be doing on their visits. Many people think of lawn care as a two- or three-visit process, but our research has indicated that, just like anything else, applying the right products consistently and over a long period of time maximizes effectiveness. Learn how often your lawn care company will visit and what they will do on each visit. 

The Power of One

Lawns can be unpredictable, and if your lawn care company is showing up on a fixed schedule with no room for flexibility, results can vary. Issues can arise in a matter of days or weeks, and you need to be vigilant to spot and address them. Lawn care services follow a schedule that is centered around route optimization and other factors that are in conflict with optimal results for your lawn. This is where you have the advantage. DIYers are on their lawn every day. You only have one lawn to focus on, while your lawn care company has hundreds. You’re in a much better position to identify and correct issues. 


Many lawn care companies use harsh chemicals that result in those scary yellow “Stay off the Grass” signs. There are plenty of excellent natural lawn care products on the market, so educate yourself on the options. Ensure that you’re comfortable with the types of chemicals that the lawn care company is planning to apply.

Results and Reviews

Be sure to check out the ratings and reviews of lawn care companies near you before reaching out for a quote. We recommend starting with smaller local companies if you can – and if you can find a personal recommendation, all the better. Carefully examine ratings and reviews to get a sense of how the service is performing.

Often, local lawn care companies provide mowing and cleanup services, but do not apply chemicals. If you find a service you love, consider hiring them for lawn maintenance and employing a DIY service like Lawnbright for fertilizing and soil conditioning. These only need to be done once every few weeks, and with our innovative solution it will only take about 10 to 20 minutes each application.

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