Lawn Plan Pricing

natural lawn care plan pricing

Plans start at around $200 per year

  • Boxes ship every six to eight weeks during the season
  • Each box contains at least two different products
  • Pricing determined by yard size and growing season
  • All plans automatically pause over the winter
  • Pre-emergent included in plans until May

Subscriptions include:

  • A soil test kit - we use a soil test to customize your mix of products through the remainder of the season
  • A custom mix of all-natural lawn care products, including fertilizers, soil conditioners and organic weed pre-emergents

  • A rainfall meter - this is essential to make sure your lawn is getting enough water

  • Lawn Intelligence Text Alerts: Our algorithms monitor your real-time local weather patterns and soil temperatures, providing periodic guidance on the optimal time to spray products and water your lawn, helping you achieve the best results.

  • Detailed instructions with each shipment, including when to spray, what to spray, and other tips and tricks
  • Free support from the Lawnbright Team!

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