Lawnbright vs. TruGreen's Natural Plan: A Comprehensive Comparison

Choosing the right lawn care service is a crucial decision for homeowners looking to achieve a great lawn. In the realm of natural lawn care, two prominent contenders stand out: Lawnbright and TruGreen's Natural Plan. While both offer environmentally friendly alternatives, Lawnbright takes the lead in several key aspects that set it apart from its competitors.

1. Cost-Efficiency: Lawnbright's Advantage

One of the primary considerations for homeowners is the cost of lawn care services. Lawnbright stands out as a cost-efficient option, with a pricing of $240 compared to TruGreen's Natural Plan, which comes at a significantly higher cost of $550.

Lawn Chick recently completed a detailed analysis of Trugreen pricing for the 2024 season. They obtained 468 unique TruGreen price quotes from a wide and representative range of properties of various sizes in both urban and rural locations across the United States.

In their research they found that when comparing the price of Lawnbright's Prevent and Repair plan to the average cost of TruGreen's TruNatural plan, Lawnbright delivered significant savings for lawns of every size:

*  For small yards under 5,000 square feet, Lawnbright was 56% cheaper than TruGreen's TruNatural plan.
*  For medium-sized yards between 5,000 and 10,000 square feet, Lawnbright was 60% cheaper than TruGreen's TruNatural plan.
*  For large yards over 10,000 square feet, Lawnbright was 68% cheaper than TruGreen's TruNatural plan.

For a deep dive into the costs of Lawnbright vs TruGreen and other competitors, check out this blog from Lawn Chick. 

Annual Price Comparison Lawnbright vs TruGreen


lawnbright vs trugreen pricing

2. Organic Pre-Emergent Weed Control: A Game-Changer

Lawnbright's commitment to providing a comprehensive solution for weed control is a standout feature. The inclusion of Weed Wipeout, an organic pre-emergent made from cornmeal, sets Lawnbright apart from TruGreen. Unlike TruGreen's Natural Plan, Lawnbright's Weed Wipeout prevents the growth of crabgrass and weeds before they become a problem. This not only saves homeowners the hassle of dealing with weeds later but also contributes to a fuller and more vibrant lawn.

Lawnbright's Turf Alerts, driven by proprietary technology, ensure that Weed Wipeout is applied at the optimal time, taking into account soil temperature and precipitation. This level of precision is crucial for the effectiveness of organic pre-emergents, making Lawnbright a smarter choice for weed control.

pre-emergent weed control


3. Low Nitrogen Products: Lawnbright's Commitment to Soil Health

Lawnbright's dedication to using natural ingredients such as kelp, molasses, and cornmeal sets it apart from TruGreen's Natural Plan, which relies on synthetic nitrogen. While high-nitrogen fertilizers may result in a quick burst of green growth, they deplete the soil health and lead to long-term issues. Lawnbright's low-nitrogen products promote a healthier lawn and soil over time, providing sustainable results without compromising the environment.

Comparatively, TruGreen's Natural Plan, with its reliance on high-synthetic nitrogen, may offer immediate results but lacks the long-term benefits that come with Lawnbright's approach. It's akin to choosing a healthy, organic diet over a quick sugar rush – the latter may provide instant gratification, but the former ensures lasting well-being.

 ingredients used between lawnbright program and traditional fertilizers

4. Guided DIY System vs. Full-Service: Meeting Individual Needs

One of the significant differentiators between Lawnbright and TruGreen's Natural Plan is the approach to lawn care. Lawnbright operates as a guided DIY system, empowering homeowners to take charge of their lawn care with personalized guidance. In contrast, TruGreen offers a full-service model. This distinction is crucial for those who prefer a hands-on approach and want to be involved in the care of their lawn.

Lawnbright's Turf Team, accessible through texts, emails, or phone calls, provides ongoing support and advice based on real-time weather conditions. This ensures that homeowners receive tailored recommendations, making the DIY experience seamless and effective.

 comparison chart

Lawnbright – A Clear Choice for Natural Lawn Care

When comparing Lawnbright to TruGreen's Natural Plan, the advantages of choosing Lawnbright become evident. With its cost-effective pricing, organic pre-emergent weed control, commitment to low-nitrogen products, and a guided DIY system, Lawnbright stands out as a comprehensive and environmentally friendly solution for homeowners seeking a beautiful and healthy lawn. By prioritizing sustainability, affordability, and individualized care, Lawnbright emerges as the preferred choice for those who want to transform their lawns into vibrant, eco-friendly spaces.

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